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Kopaonik Serbia

I’m officially on my two week vacation at the mountain Kopaonik in Serbia, situated at 1800 meters above sea level

at this time of the year only like 10% of the total capacity of this mountain town is occupied by tourists

you can see empty tennis courts, empty basketball courts all around

the weather is like 10 degrees Celsius colder than in Belgrade which I guess is nice at summer, but now it tends to be a bit chilly

I wanted to get here since I enjoy fresh mountain air and at 1800 meters the air is great

yesterday I went to this peak, called Pancic’s Peak (Serbian: Pančićev vrh) situated at 2017 meters but the event was kind of spoiled by the military presence and the fences because on the other side is Kosovo and few years ago bombs fell there, maybe even Uranium filled (radioactive), so it’s not safe to go there

I’m at this two star hotel called “JAT Apartmani” and it’s just the kind of service you’d expect in a place like that
they’ve got 1.5 megabits/second wireless connection you can use for free at the reception and the restaurant but the connection quality is poor, SSH connection breaks all the time so it’s only useful for surfing.
it gets cold at night at about 7 degrees Celsius but there is no heating…

I came here to rest and to work on a project of my own and that’s going great

the nature here is great, I took some videos and some pics and will post them in some time

there are wast fields of wild raspberries, blueberries, juniper (Juniperus communis) and it’s like September… at my home I have raspberries but they’ve past in like May or the start of June… I guess since it’s colder here you can get them at September

I run my car on LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) but there are no LPG pumps in the range of like 30 kilometers or so, so I pollute this beautiful nature with gasoline ;)
I don’t drive much here ;)

there is police at every corner and since they are bored now with so few people present they bother you anytime they see you with “smart” questions like what’s in your trunk, where are you going, where are you working, where are you from, why didn’t you put your seat belt and similar

and with police disturbing normal people, you can see people on tractors driving cut off trees, mostly near the roads, picking Juniper with the comb that destroys the plant etc.
and Kopaonik is our national park…
so much for the police work

there are packs of dogs wondering around, barking at guests
I guess that they get a plenty of food since there are numerous hotels here

Some Old Pictures

It’s been more than a year since I’ve transferred any of the files from my mobile phone to my computer and I finally did it ;)

the reason is that my Toshiba laptop P200-14O has poor Bluetooth support under Linux

to enable it, I had to install the omnibook module and start it with something like modprobe omnibook ectype=12

now for the fun part, lets start with an old photo of myself that my friend made a looong time ago

here it is

and this is my cell phone Sony Ericsson K-700i (guess which one)

this is a game I used to play A LOT
it’s called Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
I used to panzer the sh*t out of people
ah, the good days :P

here are some cool pictures of the hills of Soko Banja where I spent some good time last year

I was fascinated with this small object in the middle of the forest and I didn’t know at the time what it was
later I found out it was a small orthodox church people built probably on the site where the Turks killed some local people

then I saw a larger group of objects below it and I knew they were a restaurant/kind of hotel that I knew from before

here’s a view of Soko Banja from those hills

and then there is Soko Grad, an ex Turkish fortress, now a tourist site

and a look at the hills around the fortress

and finally something I laughed a lot about :D
this guy made a bull bar for his yugo car ;)