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Striking Nanoscale Images

Scientists are getting smarter by the minute

This time, they made this scanning microscope that can make images on nano scale objecs, even in realtime.

They filmed various materials, E. Coli bacteria, human red blood cells after being treated with antibiotics, Cyanobacteria, virus attacking DNA etc.

See it at wired here

Energy from space

Ooooook, I’ve heard about many silly things in my life but this is really strange (at least for now). It seems a small island of Palau will get its energy from space. Yeah, you’ve read that right, from space.

The idea is to put low orbit satellite(s) that use solar panels in space to gather energy and to transport it back to earth using microwaves, like the ones in a microwave oven, and transform that to DC (direct current) on earth. The project will cost some 800 million USD and the island will get about 1 megawatt of power, enough to power 1000 homes.

Read more about it here.

Top Ten Scientific Discoveries of 2007

It’s the end of the year and the perfect time to write about top 10

Time Magazine did just that. Among other top 10 subjects, they did a story on top 10 scientific discoveries. Number 1 is stem cell breakthrough, fallowed by human genome mapping etc. Check out the story here