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Teleskop Service 10×50 LE

I’ve recently bought second hand Teleskop Service 10×50 LE in hope I’ll be able to see the planets, stars a lot better

but the results so far have been slim ;)

it’s been raining here for days, and it will continue to rain for days

white clouds almost make it impossible to see the stars

tonight, I got lucky, I saw some stars

my neck really hurts ;)

but… I saw no planets and moon wasn’t even in the sky

I guess city lights and white clouds did their thing :]

oh well, anyone had better luck than me?

Michio Kaku

I didn’t know what was his name, but I knew him very well from the various popular science movies that he’s been in

he’s an American theoretical physicist, a very interesting character, explains things in a simple language

now he’s a professor in theoretical physics at  City College of New York, hosts two radio programs, writes books and of course, does movies :)

you can see some of his work at YouTube (just click the link)

anyway, I think I should mention him because he deserves it

here’s his Wikipedia page

Self Cleaning Clothes

no, it’s not science fiction ;)

some scientists at Monash University, Victoria, Australia, made clothes able to clean themselves (imagine that)

they used titanium dioxide nanoparticles on wool, silk etc.

the clothes work by oxidizing (burning, degrading) bacteria and the likes and can even self remove wine stains ;)

I know I’d like to have clothes/bed sheets from those materials

check out the story here

5 Gigabit, 10 Meter Wireless Chip

Professor Stan Skafidis and his team of Melbourne University have made this small chip for wireless data exchange.

The chip is about a few millimeters in size, manages data transfers up to 5 gigabits per second, has a radius of 10 meters and works at 60 GHz spectrum.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have so much bandwidth in your room that all the other devices (laptop, tv, mobile phone, camera etc.) can use? :D

The chip uses less than 2 Watts of power and it costs like USD 10 to make it

Here’s the link

Wow :mrgreen: