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just few days ago my friend told me about this new internet stream called Groovera

and I liked it :)

actually groovera has 3 radio streams and I listen only to one, the one my friend told me about

the stream name is Low Mercury and they describe it as a mix of downtempo, techno, house, nu-jazz etc.

now what is interesting about this is that it sounds really unusual, nothing like I’ve heard so far

there are times that I think it is great, times when I get nervous listening to it but most of the time its cool

and there’s this other stream that I listen to a lot

it’s Radio Best 92.6 FM from Athens

it’s got a really good selection of new cool music at friday night (starting at about 10pm)

I think the DJ responsible for the good vibes is Spiros Pagiatakis (Σπύρος Παγιατάκης) but I could be wrong ;)

anyway, check out those streams :)

Exit Festival, Novi Sad 2008

oh man… where do I start

pics first

we got some really cheap tickets (read it as FREE passes :) ) for Friday and since we’ve never been to Exit festival in Novi Sad we (my friend and I) decided to try it out

and it was a disappointment

the most notable performers for the night were Rony Size on the Main stage and Laurent Garnier on the Dance stage

Rony had a good sound system, great visual effects and good rhythm but I couldn’t understand a word he or his singer sang.
his singer was a bit more understandable though and the lyrics were not something I’d sing if I knew them
I like Kosheen more :)

Laurent Garnier had a problem with the bass on his sound system, you heard a crack instead of veeery deep bass.
and he ran some boring techno, a bit more dancey but still boring.

the other stages very mostly techno, at least in that part of Petrovaradin fortress where we hanged out

actually, the best part of the night was us hanging out in a small bar with some interesting girls from Bristol

I didn’t know Serbia had that many inhabitants as the number of people that were at the festival ;)
the weather was great, there wasn’t any rain like few years ago, but it was pretty dusty, crowdy and without a decent number of places where to sit and rest

food was overpriced by at least 100% and I thought the Tuborg beer was good while my friend actually didn’t like it (more for me, hehe)

I drove back home completely sober (hehe) with a big hangover and my heart beating at sync with the techno tunes we’ve listened to


I like jazz. It’s not my favorite kind of music, it could be. What I like about the jazz is female vocals, they rule.

Today I was listening to a satellite jazz radio station and I heard this song that I never heard before. The problem with this radio station is that it doesn’t spit out anything about the song, so I had only the lyrics I heard to go on.

I thought I heard the words “Waiting the water” so I Googled them and I got no good results. Then I added the word jazz at the end and got somewhere a link to Eva Cassidy lyrics. Now, I knew I was on to something. The song is actually called “Wade in the Water”, lol. And it’s great, you can see it here.

I listen mostly to nujaz, new, electronic jazz, usually mixed with some chill sounds. But jazz gems like these are really special :)

The thing I really liked about this song is it’s background, just read “About This Video” section on YouTube. It says that this gospel was sung to the slaves to warn them to keep in the water when running for freedom since the dogs couldn’t sniff their scent in the water… Amazing!