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Cpanel Issues

I got this dedicated box to setup and I’ve found 2 problems right away

first, I couldn’t update cpanel to latest stable because one perl module, NetAddr::IP wouldn’t install

the problem was, a configure script had a malformed first line #! /bin/bash (notice the extra space after the ! character)

that got fixed

now, I have problems with cpanel license when I reboot, it says license is not valid

I have to run /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt to get it fixed

I’ll report it to them but I could also easily just add it to rc.local ;)

don’t get me wrong, I still really like cpanel but I hate issues when dealing with a new box ;) web hosting

I’ve finally started with my own web hosting. I got a reseller account on a Cpanel/WHM box that I’ve installed and still maintain. The box runs the most recent CentOS, version 5.1.
And I got several clients to start with and I want more :)

The reason I started with the web hosting was a part from frustration with the big hosting companies, like Lunar Pages. I’ve used their services and thought really good things about them but then problems started and they were really not doing their support job right. I have already wrote about them and I will make a separate post about the latest incident.

Right now, I can not offer hundreds of gigabytes of web space like they can but I can offer a professional support and hosting tailored to customer needs. I realized through experience this is the most important thing.

You can just throw away all those gigabytes (which IMO you’re not even going to use, most people have small websites) but when problems appear (and they will, no matter how good a hosting is) you want to know fairly what’s going on and how do you get that fixed. I fit there much more than those shaky support people at big hosting companies.

But to tell you all the truth, I’ve been really impressed with Cpanel support. Really.

They do a wonderful job fixing the issues and they’re that good that I forgive them for their bugs.

Err, maybe not all the bugs ;) but they got credit with me. Keep up the good work guys.

And you can contact me anytime to get a fair offer on your web hosting needs.

Or maybe you want to make a web hosting company? I’m open to do that for you too :)

Cpanel/WHM 11 DNS Resolve problem

Happy new year!

I took a few days off from writing since I started my own hosting (more on that later) and I’ve been busy.

Cpanel 11 on CentOS 5 (and 5.1) has DNS issues. Actually from what I’ve read the problems exist also on CentOS 4.something and Fedora. I was reading the posts from here.

The problem is that Cpanel is only concerned about the external view. Now, I’m talking Spanish, let me explain.

The new bind (named) server now has by default 3 views, localhost_resolver, internal and external.

View is actually a separate config. It means I want to have this config for the local box (localhost_resolver), this setup for my network (internal) and this for all other boxes (external).

Now, when you define a domain in Cpanel they add it only to internal and external views, but not to localhost_resolver

And if you’ve put the ip of the local box in your /etc/resolv.conf (as I have did) then you do not get anything about your local domains, DNS ain’t working!

It’s a big problem.

The last time I found a “solution” on the net that advised to remove the first two and leave only the external view. I did that and it worked great.

But then, I guess some auto update process kicked in and it overwrote my changes to named.conf


Then I figured it out… They actually do not want you to have localhost ip or the ip’s of your server box in the /etc/resolv.conf

They want you to put there the ip of your ISP. So I did just that and guess what? Everything works!

So I guess you should do the same and fix this issue :)