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Telenor Internet Ubuntu Karmic Koala

I got a new laptop (asus ul30a) :) and I figured I need to have internet on the go

wimax is not an option (not available) so I chose cell usb modem from Telenor
data plan is prepaid, 3 GB for two months (a new year promotion that ends tomorrow)

I thought I was getting Huawei E1550 but I ended up with Huawei E620 ;)
that modem is not on their website (listed usb modems) nor in the manual I got with the thing
the manual talks about Huawei E1550

now why do I care so much about exact models? well because modem should run on my linux box
I saw Huawei E220 was well supported and Huawei E1550 had some glitches but could be made to work

first I used usb modem in Windows so that the autorun process can install device drivers
that’s just how it works the first time

in linux, I first installed usb-modeswitch package

lsusb wrote that it was Huawei E620 with id 12d1:1001

but after searching for that ID I found references to Huawei E169 with that same id?!

on the plus side ubuntu Network Manager Applet works great with this modem
I defined a new connection, specified my country and mobile network provider and it just worked! :)

Smart Homes

I just read an article at linux journal about smart homes

now, I had no previous experience with smart homes and it sounded intriguing so I gave it a look

the story is simple, you have one master device (actually a wifi router with probably some logic) and a bunch of small devices for various things like dimming lights, turning them on/off, controlling garage door, room movement, security cameras etc.

they work just by plugging it in the socket since it uses wifi for communication

there are also some other details but read that yourself

H1N1 Hack

I just read an interesting blog article about hacking H1N1

I’m a computer programmer so I actually found it quite interesting since the author made an analogy between computer and human viruses

you can learn a lot about flu virus, it’s program code, how it works and what can be done to make it more lethal or benign

here’s the link

OpenSolaris Summer School @ Belgrade, Serbia

the school is held at the Institute Of Physics, Belgrade for the month of July, two times a week

today, Uros Nedic, the guy doing the lecture, arrived a bit late but I managed to find a beautiful park behind the institute with a great view of the Danube river :)

I had a nice time today

we were learning about Sun OS processes, threads, LWM, kthreads, DTrace, Zones and ZFS

Uros was great while teaching us/giving a lecture, answered all of our questions

I learned a lot

now, here are some pictures I took with my mobile phone, sorry for the bad quality