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Wimax Install

today I helped a neighbour get and install wimax at his home

we waited about an hour and a half at offices since it was Saturday and only one worker was in the office dealing with customers

basically they ask you to sign a contract for up to 12 months of service at about 2300 RSD and about 1500 RSD for the wimax device

when I got to my neighbour with the device I installed Ubuntu Linux and everything worked out of the box

but only the test account has been enabled on the device with the rate limited to 5 kilobytes/second

after reading the manual, I put username/password and everything worked, he got his 2 megabits of downlink :)

I’m glad wimax has finally come here, we needed it since the government doesn’t want to invest into new wires, they just suck out the profit from existing telephone bills

OpenSolaris Summer School @ Belgrade, Serbia

the school is held at the Institute Of Physics, Belgrade for the month of July, two times a week

today, Uros Nedic, the guy doing the lecture, arrived a bit late but I managed to find a beautiful park behind the institute with a great view of the Danube river :)

I had a nice time today

we were learning about Sun OS processes, threads, LWM, kthreads, DTrace, Zones and ZFS

Uros was great while teaching us/giving a lecture, answered all of our questions

I learned a lot

now, here are some pictures I took with my mobile phone, sorry for the bad quality

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

I upgraded few days ago and ran into problems

my wireless card based on atheros chip stopped working
it seems they’ve deliberatly removed madwifi support from wpasupplicant or something so I did two things, I downgraded wpasupplicant to hardy version and compiled/installed madwifi drivers from the project website

another problem that is still unresolved is the graphics
they’ve removed the old good driver, i810 and instead put intel driver for xorg
the intel driver is twice slower
I can’t watch flash movies any more, it’s that slow
and worse, if I hibernate from the X, I get garbled screen on next startup, nothing works
so I’ve found a workaround, I hibernate from text mode ;)

anyway, I noticed kde applications have better looking interface, a new sound manager (pulseaudio), no more gaim (now it’s called pidgin)…

Firebug In Firefox 3 Ubuntu

with the new Ubuntu came Firefox beta 3, then the Firefox final 3 but Firebug just didn’t work

FYI Firebug is a great web development add on for Firefox

now after like a month or two ;) I found a way to make it working

just remove the Firebug extension if you have it that does not work

and then install Firebug from the packages

I used the command line

aptitude install firebug

have fun :)

Get Your Openmoko

it seems Neo Freerunner is finally beeing shipped to the distributors :)

for those who have no clue what Neo Freerunner is, it is a mobile phone running Linux

backed by FIC (First International Computer of Taiwan) it is finally going mass market

it is designed to rival the original Iphone

the phone is unlocked (works with any mobile phone network provider) and uses open standards

the hardware specs are 500MHz Samsung S3C2442 CPU, 128MB RAM, 256MB Flash, 4.3″ diagonal display in 640×480 VGA Color TFT LCD, 3D graphics, 2 3D accelerometers, audio, USB port, WiFi b/g, Bluetooth, GPS

the recommended price is 400 USD

I like it :)

read more about it at linuxdevices

Novi Sad Meeting

I met with some Linux friends at Novi Sad

there were people from all over Serbia there.

we had a chat about OpenOffice (that was rather boooring for me) and then we went to have some lunch.

after that we relaxed in a cafe

I traveled with two guys in an old Volvo from Belgrade

Here are the pics :)