Telenor Internet Ubuntu Karmic Koala

I got a new laptop (asus ul30a) :) and I figured I need to have internet on the go

wimax is not an option (not available) so I chose cell usb modem from Telenor
data plan is prepaid, 3 GB for two months (a new year promotion that ends tomorrow)

I thought I was getting Huawei E1550 but I ended up with Huawei E620 ;)
that modem is not on their website (listed usb modems) nor in the manual I got with the thing
the manual talks about Huawei E1550

now why do I care so much about exact models? well because modem should run on my linux box
I saw Huawei E220 was well supported and Huawei E1550 had some glitches but could be made to work

first I used usb modem in Windows so that the autorun process can install device drivers
that’s just how it works the first time

in linux, I first installed usb-modeswitch package

lsusb wrote that it was Huawei E620 with id 12d1:1001

but after searching for that ID I found references to Huawei E169 with that same id?!

on the plus side ubuntu Network Manager Applet works great with this modem
I defined a new connection, specified my country and mobile network provider and it just worked! :)

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