Belgrade Beer Fest 2008

or in Serbian, “Beogradski festival piva”

yet another beer fest ;)

and I’m as always regular at beer fests… :)

this year was so like other years

Guinness beer is once again served warm (ewww smiley here)

best beer is Paulaner weisbier (white beer)

beer prices are really high, much higher than at the stores which is kind of strange since this is a beer fest, prices should be lower

music is rather booring but I guess people don’t really listen to the music when they’re high on alcohol or other

Kiril Dzajkovski was here tonight and he was great (look him up at

he really has 3 big hits (drum and bass music) and the other tunes are high energy and very listenable but not something you’ll remember in a few years time

actually his hits are songs I used to listen a couple of years ago

I see he’s been combining etno music from the Balcans with high energy tunes and it sounds cool

the best part was a little black girl that did some rap music and then combined with Kiril in one of his songs…

I couldn’t really understand the lyrics she was singing but she was great :)

Cedric Gervais was booring as was Timo Maas

you’ll find clips at youtube, I couldn’t be bothered to make my own :)