Michio Kaku

I didn’t know what was his name, but I knew him very well from the various popular science movies that he’s been in

he’s an American theoretical physicist, a very interesting character, explains things in a simple language

now he’s a professor in theoretical physics at  City College of New York, hosts two radio programs, writes books and of course, does movies :)

you can see some of his work at YouTube (just click the link)

anyway, I think I should mention him because he deserves it

here’s his Wikipedia page

Self Cleaning Clothes

no, it’s not science fiction ;)

some scientists at Monash University, Victoria, Australia, made clothes able to clean themselves (imagine that)

they used titanium dioxide nanoparticles on wool, silk etc.

the clothes work by oxidizing (burning, degrading) bacteria and the likes and can even self remove wine stains ;)

I know I’d like to have clothes/bed sheets from those materials

check out the story here

5 Gigabit, 10 Meter Wireless Chip

Professor Stan Skafidis and his team of Melbourne University have made this small chip for wireless data exchange.

The chip is about a few millimeters in size, manages data transfers up to 5 gigabits per second, has a radius of 10 meters and works at 60 GHz spectrum.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have so much bandwidth in your room that all the other devices (laptop, tv, mobile phone, camera etc.) can use? :D

The chip uses less than 2 Watts of power and it costs like USD 10 to make it

Here’s the link

Wow :mrgreen:

Striking Nanoscale Images

Scientists are getting smarter by the minute

This time, they made this scanning microscope that can make images on nano scale objecs, even in realtime.

They filmed various materials, E. Coli bacteria, human red blood cells after being treated with antibiotics, Cyanobacteria, virus attacking DNA etc.

See it at wired here


I love beer :)

I love it so much that I once went to Hungary with my friend just to drink beer. And I brought home two large bags full of beer that you can not buy in Serbia.

I even got searched like you’d search a criminal when we entered Hungary. We traveled in a bus full of old women that were smuggling stuff across the border. But it turned out the customs officers knew them but didn’t know us two. So they searched us although we had no bags when entering Hungary. Maybe that’s why we were suspicious, we didn’t smuggle anything.

On our way back to Serbia no one searched us because the bus driver asked all of us for 20 euros to bribe the customs officer ;)

I gave nothing because I wanted to pay the tax for my beer

and since other people gave the money I ended up not paying ;)

ah, the days ;)

My favorite beer is Guinness, Irish black beer. And it tasted best in Nicosia, Cyprus at Plato’s pub. If you ever get to Cyprus, go to Plato’s, you’d love it. And beware of drunken pedestrians. Alcohol can actually CAUSE pregnancy.

They’ve got other great beers at Plato’s bar like Kwak, Belgian light beer. You drink it from special holders and the glasses look really strange. See how it looks here

I like Erdinger beer. My father used to drink it 30 years ago at Munich, Germany. I first tasted it in Hungary.

S#it, Wiki’s got all of those beers ;)

I like Amstel and Loewenbrau and I can drink Becks.

I’ve tasted every beer you can buy in Serbia and Cyprus and many of them in Hungary and Monte Negro.

Right now, this is what I’m drinking


Cheers :)