cPanel / WebHost Manager

Some time ago, I started doing a project for a webhosting company, Dazelos. We originally thought about using Virtual Hosting Control System short VHCS but we ran into some problems. Then we looked into other options like Plesk and also found some problems. Then we tried cPanel and it worked :)

We used cPanel test licence to try it out on a brand new CentOS 5 box but the bind DNS server had some issues, the domains would not resolve. Upon further inspection I found out that the format of the named.conf file changed in CentOS 5. I modified the file by hand and it worked.

After the testing phase we decided to deploy the setup. The server box is a Dual Core Intel Xeon CPU with 2 gigabytes of RAM, two fast RAID hard drives and a backup hard drive. And it’s fast :)

The beauty of cPanel is that it does security and updates for you. Meaning you can take a vacation and your server box should be running smoothly like when you left it :)

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